Interior Design Trends 2014 - A Global Perception

Earth conscious design – in the spirit of conscientious sustaining and protecting our environment, there’s a fresh and original focus in interior design that incorporates raw materials and organics into design schemes. Used brick, river stones, weathered woods, organic shapes, texture, and simple, low line furniture forms keep us connected to our environment. Inspiration from the depths of the ocean and earth’s outer atmosphere offers natural drama to interiors.

Color palettes range from neutrals mixed with pales to vibrant and dramatic to outwardly chaotic.  

Central to neutral design schemes is creating a balance using either warm and/or cool hues with a mix of metallics that establish a minimalist spirit without appearing stark. Preferred color palettes include graphite, slate gray, creamy beige and a wide range of browns.

Blue-based reds like the wines of Burgandy and Pinot Noir and berry tones are being replaced by warmer reds verging on orange. Vibrant designs are spicey, warm, bold, exciting yet welcoming, they can be toned down by adding corals, cream, and gold, or made more exuberant when paired with brights like sunny yellow, green, and blue.

Move over Emerald! Transitional décor blend hues from the Mediterranean and Carribean waters that include the palest blue, teal, turquoise, and cobalt to ethereal atmospheric blues. Accented with jewel tones or with bright white work for city dwellings, beachfront homes, and everything in between.

Multi-color palettes move away from color blocking replaced by individualistic patterns in multiple brights. Refreshing and unconventional, the look is distinctly unique.

Whether your look is vibrant and dramatic; soft, neutral, and textural; or atmospheric, there are multiple trends that is a perfect fit for you.

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