Interior Design Trends: 2014-2015

The forecast of interior design trends for 2014-2015 are not just new ways of saying the same old thing. There are some really new and exciting ideas and fashions that make sense and enhance anyone’s design scheme regardless of taste or style. 

1.    Light, bright, white kitchens are a huge trend. That includes appliances. It makes a small kitchen appear larger, and any size space looks clean and crisp. Add color with accents like ceramics, glass pendant lighting, and a big bouquet of flowers on the counter.

2.    Warm metals in gold/brass are replacing chrome and stainless, adding warmth and sophistication. Use as accents in mirror frames, sculptures, trays, and lighting fixtures.

3.    Side by side coffee tables – placing two coffee tables next to each other to fill
a large space provides an opportunity to separate and move them around to accommodate different entertainment needs.

4.    Lucite, along with glass, is making a return. Clear furnishings are an excellent design tool because of its reflective and sparkling nature, creating additional light a space. Glass and lucite tables, stools, lamps, vases, and candlesticks serve as their own light source.

5.    Navy makes us think nautical, brings to mind the depths of the ocean, and the deep spark of sapphires. It can be used as a neutral instead of black. Used with white, it creates a crisp pattern, and pairs well with all colors from brights to earth tones.

6.    The statement (conversation) piece creates drama or a touch of whimsy in a space. It gives guests something to talk about whether it be an oversized chair, sculptured light fixture, odd table. The options are endless.

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