Interior Design Trends: Kitchens

Is there an actual trend in kitchen design? I truly don’t think so!  

In spite of open concept kitchens, the space allotted to food preparation is still confined to a specific area and much of the design of this limited space relies on client taste, the size and shape of the kitchen, and the general design scheme of the home.

I've renovated or designed 5 kitchens this past year that vary in style but each contains contemporary, classic, and traditional elements. Not one can be strictly labeled as a singular style. Two kitchens are primarily white - one has classic stainless appliances, the other white. Two kitchens have newly painted walls - one in gray, the other in a 'country' look green. The fifth has custom mahogany cabinetry in a contemporary shaker style. All have granite counter tops in primarily neutral colorations. Floors vary: marble, wood, Saturnia, porcelain.

These white kitchens have similar layouts - one with stainless (left) the other with white appliances (below). The all white kitchen looks more spacious. A bright red wrought iron bistro set and colorful accessories will add interest. 

Paint goes a long way to create atmosphere or make a style statement. The Svelte Green (Sherwin Williams) wall adds a country feel which will be underscored with traditional country furnishings throughout the apartment.

A more contemporary ambiance is created using Metallic Gray paint (Benjamin Moore) that picks up the sheen of the stainless appliances, brushed silver dining area, and adds sparkle in evening candlelight.

Wood cabinetry brings an organic warmth and depth of feeling to any room. The kitchen on the right has contemporary flat doors with rounded edges by Snaidero, while the one below has custom African mahogany shaker style doors with chrome handles that still look contemporary despite the traditional design.

What is trending in kitchen design is convenience and placement of appliances, accessorizing, and space for comfortable dining and gathering of guests. The colors, materials, textures, and lighting is all subjective.

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