Flowers: The Ideal Summer Interior Design Accessory

It's summer! If your home is feeling warm and airless, bouquets of fresh flowers go a long way to refresh your home, making it look and feel cool and serene.

Natural and loose arrangements have replaced tight formal centerpieces. Keep flower choices simple, limited to just a few varieties with different heights and textures. Stick with a small range of colors. Perhaps use different color palettes for different rooms.

Purchase a few specimen stems from your florist and mix in wild branches and flora from forests and fields. Branches add height and elegant structure with a natural outdoor feel. Trailing vines add grace. For drama, use one type in the arrangement. Orchids by themselves provide a sculptural effect. You can even blend a few artificial stems in with the real (no one will ever know!).

Flowers make the ideal summer interior design accessory. Every room in your home can benefit from the fragrance and visual appeal.

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