Interior Design Classic Color Palette: Black & White

A black and white color scheme is elegant. It exudes glamour like the stylish movie sirens of the black and white films of the ‘30s with elegantly draped gowns, elbow length gloves, feather trimmed hats with veils.

Throughout the years, black and white has become a classic, suitable for any design style. 

Black and white is versatile – add a single hue as an accent or incorporate several pieces in different colors to change the design scheme entirely. Integrating shades from the black/white continuum from off-white, gray, and graphite creates a soothing atmosphere.

No color scheme is more practical. It can be orderly or playful depending upon materials, patterns and textures. 

Add character with metallic or textured paints in black or shades of gray.      

Textured fabrics, leathers, and animal skins add a contemporary spin.

Toile upholstery and wallpaper are traditional and elegant ways to incorporate black and white into a design scheme.   

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