If you use some imagination and creativity in planning a workspace, it can be both functional and fun… FUNctional! I’ve seen so many “home offices” that are disorganized messes, crammed into corners of bedrooms, tucked away in a guest room, or spread out on kitchen tables.   

Cramped tiny worktops, insufficient lighting, and uncomfortable make-do chairs inhibit creativity, and make work more a chore rather than what can be an agreeable activity. If you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated space, one can easily be incorporated into a room, and transformed from an eyesore, to an attractive addition to the room’s overall decorating scheme.

Here’s your HOW TO list on adding FUN into your personal workspace:

FUNdamentals: Select a streamlined desk and storage console (or file cabinet) that blend into the  surrounding wall color, and take up less visual and physical space. The same rule applies for the chair. Add a colorful lumbar support pillow as a fun accent. Computers are becoming more compact, and come in some great colors that will blend in with your space. Some no longer need towers, and lap tops can be closed to almost disappear when not in use.  

FUNky Accessories: Add a high-tech task light. They’re efficient, take up little space, and are attractive. Bring in some color with bright tape dispensers, staplers, desk pads. Choose clear office accessories: waste baskets, pen holders, paper organizers. Storage baskets with covers work well for extra files, and can be stacked.

FUNtastic rugs define the office’s space. You want to use interest and avoid contrasting color that might be too overpowering. Use a fuzzy fake fur, a tone on tone pattern, or a neutral textured sisal in an interesting pattern with a contrasting border that matches the color scheme of the room.
Using  these tips, your office is now a FUN, inviting place to spend time. Guaranteed, you’ll be spending more than just office hours here.

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