I’m drawn to clothing with style, balance, and color, all things I use in my interior design work.

A New Yorker from birth, I had to learn to let go when I moved to Florida in December of 2010.

My early career was in fashion in NYC. My sense of style and color is instinctive. Interior Design came naturally.

Even in Florida, when in doubt, I reach for clothes in black. I can lighten up the somber tone with a brightly colored camisole, belt, scarf, shoes, or lots of bling.

In NY the idea was to fit in and look professional. In Florida, professionalism is just as important, but I feel comfortable adding a bit of whimsy or dazzle to my personal style like a big hat. That aesthetic has percolated into my design style. I love creating a beautifully elegant space, but like to add something fun or unexpected.

I can remember exactly when the Interior Design “light bulb” switched on when my husband Arthur and I moved from NYC to the Hamptons into a (not quite charming) cape. I completely redesigned the house, transforming it from being dark and boxy-roomed to an open concept home. Walls came down and the light came in.

I will always miss the silence after a snowfall in winter, turning all outdoors into a sanctuary. 

I will always miss the vibrant change of colors in Fall.

Although there are specific things I miss about NY, I love that in Florida, anything goes. Take fashion, for example. In winter, you’ll see natives in boots,
leather, and dark colors, while visitors stroll around in 
white or pastel pants, bathing suit tops, and carry straw bags.


I love sophisticated, elegant interiors, but always decorate so that clients feel comfortable and welcome in their own home. I create something classic and timeless.

I still bring New York into my design mix, incorporating black and neutrals, but I now find myself adding pops of saturated color.

One of my favorite color schemes for public rooms is graphite with ivory or white, adding in accents of organic wood tones such as table tops, bases, stone surfaces, cabinetry… you get the idea. It’s the best for showcasing a great view.

The sky’s the limit for color schemes in baths, bedrooms, and private spaces, though I like to tie together all the rooms in a home using one or more of the colors selected for the main rooms. 

Buy the highest quality pieces you can afford and keep them neutral. Express your personality through accessories. A meticulously constructed sofa is like a beautiful black cocktail dress. It can fit into any space and style.

You can’t have too many colorful pillows or throws. I use them to change off from season to season. They can totally transform the feel of a room.

If an interior doesn't reflect the person who lives in it, the home simply becomes a showpiece.


As a boutique firm, I have the ability to offer flexible fee arrangements without sacrificing the level of service I provide.

At Robin Lechner Designs, my number one priority are my clients. I dedicate my time and effort to help them achieve their ultimate objectives by delivering fresh and original solutions to often complex design issues. I have the depth of experience, skills, and techniques to ensure the process is handled correctly, and difficulties resolved quickly; and I do so while maintaining a commitment to provide the highest level of personal service and attention.


Director of Inspiration
Inspiration comes from nature. I take long walks with HARLEY, my 7lb toy poodle and the firm's Director of Inspiration. A camera is always at hand to photograph colors, shapes, designs...

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