It’s easy to understand that a lampshade softens the harshness of light from an exposed bulb. More importantly, it enhances a room’s decorative scheme by providing a warm and comfortable ambience. A lampshade must also complement the base it sits on. Lampshades can also add character to a room by using a shade in an unusual shape, fabrication, and color.

Many lamps arrive from the store with a white shade, with the idea of being neutral. THROW IT OUT! You might as well leave a bare bulb. A true neutral shade is off-white. A classic shade’s proportion gently tapers with the height slighter greater than the diameter of the top. It should just cover the metal top of the base.

Silk shade on a theme base
Getting the correct scale of a shade is difficult. If you can bring your fixture to the lampshade store, set the lamp on a table that approximates the height of the table you plan to use at home, and experiment with different shade sizes. Explore a variety of shapes as well: round, square, hexagonal, octagonal.

Paper: stiff, clean lines, comes in opaque, colored, and translucent finishes
Linen, Silk, Cotton: usually comes with an off-white lining, can be plain, pleated, shirred
Colored: adds a dramatic accent

HINT: When using several table lamps in a single room, whether they are on the same or different table heights, the lamps should appear to be visually the same height within an inch or two.
Black shades add drama
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