Porcelain Garden Stool - Yellow & Blue Motif
Ceramic Garden Stool
An OTTOMAN is the most flexible piece of furniture you can own. I consider them essential elements for almost every room design scheme. For their aesthetic appeal, I must include ceramic garden stools in this discussion. As a whole, ottomans provide additional surfaces with numerous functions that can be enjoyed in just about every room indoors and out. They are available in an infinite array of styles, sizes, and materials.
Seagrass Ottoman Fabric: Beach House
Seagrass Ottoman

Large ottomans (often with convenient wheels), or a grouping of four small square ottomans are often called upon to serve as an attractive cocktail table in living rooms, libraries, or dens. I place food, drinks, and other necessary items on trays for stability. When not serving in this capacity, they can be moved about to provide a soft respite for tired feet. Many have storage features with a hinged or fitted removable top.

Kinfine Square Tufted Storage ottoman
Storage Ottoman

As an occasional table, you’ll find ottomans in many rooms. A cozy reading corner is created with a comfortable chair, floor lamp for illumination, and a convenient ottoman doing its job as a place for feet, a book, and a snack.

One of the primary uses for ottomans is for adding additional lightweight, movable seating. One can fit unobtrusively in a corner, or even in a closet, to be used as needed. For example: I have several ottomans placed throughout my apartment: one matching the oversized chair in the living room’s reading corner; two in the library generally used as foot rests and occasional extra seating; one in my closet for putting on hosiery and shoes; two in my bedroom – one as a footrest in a reading corner, the other, a decorative ceramic garden stool. So, if I have a large party, I can requisition into service a good amount of extra seating to my living room.

Ottomans are indispensable to any design project. In addition to providing solutions for a multitude of design challenges, they serve as attractive accents to a design scheme.

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