When I design a space, I use the design vocabulary of all of the senses to create rooms that connect with and enhance all life’s experiences.Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Sight: When we think about interior decorating and good design, we generally focus on how a room looks, what we see, visual elements of a room: color scheme, traffic flow, scale, furniture arrangement, etc. The most appealing interiors, however, integrate more than just the visually beautiful things we live. The experience of living should appeal to all of the senses. with.                                                                                                                                           

Sound: Sometimes, the perfect sound might be no sound at all, or rather, a hushed silence that wraps around you like a warm, cozy blanket. There are times and spaces we prefer quiet, and using sound dampening elements in a bedroom, for example, are welcome. Carpeting, fabric walls with light padding, more than one layer of drapery - sheer panels for privacy yet allow light and sound in, and a lined drape in a heavier fabric for light and sound control. Insulated windows, and between floor/ceiling noise dampening channels should be installed during initial construction.

Music contributes a large part to atmosphere. A great sound system helps set the mood for every room of the house. Electronics are so sophisticated, that everything (lighting, television, music, etc) can not only be controlled from every room for every room, but can be entirely controlled remotely. So when you stay out later than anticipated, and it’s getting dark, you can turn on a few lights (and music) before you arrive home.

Smell: Kitchen refuse, kitty litter boxes, animal oils are absorbed in furniture. Remove the trash often, and keep after the litter issue. Clean the litter box weekly. Use throws for your pets to nap on, or buy furniture with slipcovers that can be washed regularly. Keep bathrooms and kitchens clean!

Poor ventilation from other apartments can travel through vents from floor to floor. Over the counter products merely cover up odors, and can be worse than the actual smell itself! Buy real fragrance with real flowers! I know they can be expensive, but splurge when you’re having guests.

Cooking aromas are OK when they’re fresh! Stale fish is a no-no. I love walking into a house with the smell of homemade pasta sauce cooking on the stove. Or use the fresh baked cookie idea that is so popular with Realtors at an Open House. Another option is purchasing air filters, but do your homework!

Touch: A room decorated in just one fabric texture is boring and flat. Textures are a most effective ways of creating the idea of touch in a room. Incorporate weaves, patterns, jacquards. A variety of fabrics adds comfort and interest. Woven carpets, interesting patterned and colored area rugs, pillows that can be moved around to optimize comfort, cozy throws casually tossed over the arm of a sofa or chair all communicate a warm and inviting atmosphere. Have a few chairs or your sofa have skirts that extend to the floor instead of having an entire room of exposed legs.

Accessories add a personal touch to any room. A room bare of at least a few personal objects feels cold and sterile like a hotel.

Taste: If you follow some of the ‘good sense’ suggestions above, your home will always be in ‘good taste’.

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