Does the color wheel have your head spinning? Is a color block a kid’s toy?
If the idea of decorating a room in currently fashionable rainbow brights causes a panic attack, not to worry! There are myriad ways to add color without leaving the safety of your comfort zone. The easiest solution is incorporating a pop of color into an otherwise neutral room. Add a few accessories like a pillow, throw, artwork, a vase, etc. 

Red, always on my list of favorite wall colors, actually works as a neutral especially if combined with neutral furnishings like British tan leather couches, tans, and soft, warm greens. Red is not just a single primary color; it includes deep gradations of fuchsias, red-oranges, violets and delicate pinks. Let inspiration be your guide. 

Black and the many shades of white are great solutions to tame loud colors.

Soft blues and greens rank high on my list for bedrooms because of their soothing qualities. Look at the palette created by the expanse of the ocean. The colors vary from the lightest shimmery shades of blue and turquoise to dark indigo and violet undertones of water, and organic greens of algae and seaweed.
Combining values of one hue (lightness or darkness of a color determined by adding gray, black, or white) within color families and/or analogous colors (colors adjacent on the color wheel), are very fresh looking in current room design. Use a minimum of two colors, and at most 5 analogous colors in one room.

Sounds like anything goes! Not really. There’s a fine line between being fashionable and overdoing. Avoid using equal amounts of the obvious color pairings of red and green (Christmas), bumble bee yellow and black, and orange and black (Halloween). They can be used together very effectively… very carefully.  
Experts agree that when you walk into a space, it should look refreshing and modern not like a circus. If you’re not certain about color choices, seek the advice of a professional interior designer. Take an hour lesson on how to use a color wheel. 

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