What's trending in southeast Florida interior design is black and white. White walls, white leather(?) furniture with accent pieces in black, and chrome frames. Just maybe there's a touch of rustic wood. I find the repetition extremely boring. I can barely remember whose home I was in the day before. Don't take me wrong, I love white. I use its infinite shades and tints, but rarely for an entire room, and primarily as an accent. This dining area in metallic silver adds interest during the day, and drama at night.

A white room will never go out of style, just like our little "black dress" in fashion. However, color is necessary to express the character of the interior architecture, the design scheme, and most importantly, the home owner's personality. This is the same dining area as above. Although the walls are white, the lookk is dull and drab. Most galleries no longer hang paintings on white walls.

If in doubt, get help selecting color. Don't be shy. I can assist you in finding the color/s that will make your house a home, not a cookie cutter version of your neighbor's space. Besides, if you dislike it, you can always paint over it.

Not every wall needs to have color. This living room wall is a warm toast, the remaining are a white 'cafe au lait'.

The room on the right or the left? Which welcomes you, is warm and inviting?

Share this with a friend or two! Perhaps we can put together a 'pick a paint color' party with a few of your paint brush shy friends hesitant to take the leap into color. Email me at

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