Have you noticed the days are getting shorter? Sunset is a little sooner every day, so lights are go on a little earlier. In a few weeks, the morning alarm will go off in the dark (is the clock broken?). Lighting changes though, are not limited to sunrise and sunset. With the sun lower in the sky, everything we see is affected by the change of seasons. The change of light alters the appearance of our homes as well. In darker hours, you might notice your home looks a little gray, dreary or dull. Robin Lechner Designs has designated Autumn as the season to brighten and bring some excitement to your entire interior design scheme.

And now with the kids back in school, and before the holidays, you’ve got some extra time for a rewarding home improvement project.

Autumn is the season to transform every room in your home into a warm and cozy retreat using splashes of seasonal color. The look and feel of a room can be completely changed just by adding color to the mix. Sand colored walls that look great in summer sunlight can look dull in artificial light. If you’re hesitant, paint just the feature wall the color of driftwood. How about a spicy red to make your dining area more inviting? Painting a single wall is a great way to add some color without a lot of work but much reward, and you might like it enough to keep it all year round.

 Adding a color to a single wall is a technique I use to introduce colors to my reticent clients. I also find that spice colors are the easiest to get them to try. Besides, if you really don't like it after living with it for a time, an easy remedy is to simply paint over it! On the other hand, if you like the effect, paint the entire room!

Need a quick, inexpensive fix? Pillows, throws, changing picture frames from shell embellished to natural woods or deep jewel tones are subtle but substantial.

Candlelight impacts an entire design scheme no matter what the season. Use them on mantles, coffee tables, shelving. I prefer to buy different styled hurricane lanterns not only for looks but for safety. I use them singly or in groups. In summer, I use the clear glass versions. In the fall I use metallic trimmed. For entertaining, the only fragrant candles are those in the powder room. Fragrant candles combined with guests’ perfume, and the aroma of food is an invitation for disaster.

Just what are Autumn Colors? Think of the colors of the leaves as they change in the mountains of the northeast. Your Interior Designer and paint store professional can guide you. Cut out photos from the fall magazines and catalogs. Warm yellows, browns, berry colored reds, wines, greens, stormy sky grays, and don’t forget metallic like gold, bronze, and copper. Don’t be afraid to combine colors.

Here’s the Recipe for creating an Autumn atmosphere:

Paint walls (or a single wall) a color a favorite spice or driftwood color. If you have a wood paneled room, so much the better!

Change toss pillow fabrics from linens and cottons to tweeds, jacquards, wovens – more substantial fabrics give a warmer, bulkier appearance

Add a jewel-toned throw tossed casually over a sofa, chair or ottoman. A pile of extra blankets in a guest room is as welcome as it is attractive.

Candles…candles…candles. Place candles in your fireplace or create a fireplace using candles instead of wood logs. The clean-up is easier too.

Add extra lighting to rooms whether table top or floor lamps to brighten a room and give you options to create optional atmospheres. 
Be aware of balance. Too much is overkill, too little is lost. You can't lose by hiring a professional for an hour and together, create a list of options, ideas, and choices. Robin Lechner Designs charges $75 an hour (depending upon travel time) which is well worth the investment. You'll end up with a list of fabulous ideas from which to choose, advice from an experienced, educated palette and most likely save money in the long run.

Have questions? email robin@robinlechnerdesigns.com or call 631-848-8469

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