Today (8-9-2) I attended the latest in the DCOTA global trends design series, presenting kitchen materials, appliances, planning, and lighting with Mick Ricereto, noted international interior and product designer.

According to Ricereto, the strongest trends are coming out of Italy and Germany characterized by bold, design with high visual impact, featuring a lot of black and white with touches of rough-hewn wood, open shelving, no door knobs or handles, and porcelain slabs, glass, and stainless replacing marble and granite as counter tops of choice. (Mick Ricereto, myself, with Harley - Director of Inspirtation)

Hospitality designs are also a major influence on home kitchens, obviously on a smaller scale, but still adventurous, escapist, and exotic. Use of disparate scale, use of screens, niches, and uneven walls with door-less adjustable shelving are common. Metallics play a big role in large spaces to add shine, sparkle, and a festive atmosphere.

American design as ever the melting pot, incorporates the best of all worlds and the kitchen takes its place as the new living room.
The American kitchen includes some of the following newest features combining stainless, metallics, mirror, and glass that all can be used in the same space:

Intimate dining areas that slide out of site, snack bars with stools, sitting areas that incorporate banquettes keep company in the kitchen involved with the hostess.

Counter tops are moving away from marble and granite to porcelain and matte glass

Kitchens are monochromatic beiges and browns or black and white with a surprise punch of color or wood.

With outdoor features becoming more important, American designers create seamless transitions from indoors and out. 

Adjustable shelving, pull out spice racks, state of the art appliances, and glass cabinet doors to show off your best pieces, create a completely new look in kitchen design.

Don’t think that you HAVE TO update your kitchen according to the trends above. There are a lot of things I like on the list, and a lot of things I don’t. What makes me and my clients happy is to create a kitchen that functions efficiently, fulfills your needs, is welcoming, and comfortable. In many cases, all a kitchen needs is a bit of reorganization, paint, and decluttering. If you’d like advice and help, call or email

If you’d like to arrange for a prsonalized trip to some of the kitchen (or any) showrooms at DCOTA to get some ideas or to purchase some products, I offer a personal shopping experience for $110 per hour with a minimum of two hours, and $100 for additional hours. I’ll pick out and prioritize showrooms in advance according to your preferences, and we’ll visit as many showrooms as you can in the time allotted. Questions? Call 631-848-8469 CALL OR EMAIL ME NOW!


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