Eric Cohler, Harley & Me (Robin Lechner Designs)
The Interior Design industry is an endless renaissance of innovation. There’s a constant reinvention and manipulation of materials that delight and surprise the senses. So at January 30th’s WINTERMARKET @ DCOTA, it was no surprise that there were 35 programs presented by various showrooms that left my head happily spinning.

The theme for Wintermarket is individualism. It’s a simple word to describe a very complex process of creativity, manipulation of materials, technique and skill.

The keynote panel was hosted by Joy Longhino of “Modern Luxury Media’s South Florida Interiors Magazine”. The main topic of the questions posed to the panelists centered on innovation. Jonathan Adler’s advice on tapping creativity is to “follow your bliss”. Your gut and instincts will guide you in the right direction. Eric Cohler’s creative success comes from tweaking what exists and making it a little different. Taking tips from the fashion industry, he stated, “The only way to look fashionable is to look like a mental patient.” Laura Kirar’s technique is not to look at what others are doing.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Kolanowski from FUSE lighting. A former Interior Designer, he was customizing lighting fixtures for a client, and was bitten by the lighting bug. His line is very diverse, but my favorite pieces are made of strands of exotic baubles and crystals.

Jonathan Adler, Harley (Director of Inspiration) & Me
The newest Thomas Pheasant collection for Baker had my heart pounding.

Brunschwig & Fils Le Jardin Chinois fulfilled my fascination of the far east with a collection reflecting its lifestyles, imagery, crafts, and colors.

I certainly left the day exhausted but inspired by many of the fabrics, lighting, furniture, and accessories. I found something for every one of my clients whatever their budget. 


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