Q. I was asked, what’s my favorite interior design trend?

Wall surface treatments! Bored and tired of selecting paint colors, I've been using a variety of wall coverings as well as three dimensional architectural wall panels in a variety of materials, illuminating them with LED lighting strips. They give a room depth, texture, and a feeling of movement. They work well for residential as well as hospitality installations.

Light boxes that fill entire walls softly illuminate a room.

Glass is not just for windows. Glass lets in light, brightens and brings sparkle to a space.

Etched and frosted glass makes excellent room dividers and screens. Trade in solid interior and closet doors for decorative glass. Try back lighting colored glass panels!

The popular barn door style, interpreted in glass, can enhance any large opening. By minimizing the hardware, it looks as if the glass doors are floating.

In the workplace, semi-transparent glass cubicles open up the workspace, eliminating cramped
and claustrophobic feelings. Even the corner office can be updated with glass walls and doors.

Instead of paint, owners of a 3 bedroom, 3 bath apartment are opting for wall coverings. Wallpaper is gaining in popularity as are architectural surface treatments. The lower right photo is a back lit onyx wall in the master bath. 

And don't forget the 5th wall...the ceiling!

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