Although the contemporary design scheme remains a strong trend, there’s nothing like adding an oriental rug, antique (or good reproduction), or vintage piece to a setting to create a unique look that reflects your personality and makes your home unique and impressive. When “old” meets contemporary, stunning interior design statements emerge.

Alternately, what I call “store décor” is simple and easy to achieve. Visit an online retailer or store, and have one of their trained design consultants decorate your home. All the furnishings are commodities can be mixed and matched down to the last accessory, to achieve a lovely setting that looks like a page straight out of their catalog. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. What the result lacks, however, is individuality, freshness, and an expression of your own individuality and taste. It’s just not my style or preference. I wouldn’t like seeing everyone at a party wearing the same dress no matter what color shoes they wear.

When I design a space, I like to achieve something truly memorable and enjoyable. An
individual look requires risk-taking strategies that are well worth the effort. This is where the talents and skills of an interior designer are indispensable.

An interior designer is a creative individual with years of experience spent honing her craft.  Design schemes are not a simple collection of commodities, in the context of art, it’s a Rembrandt. Each brings a distinctive and exciting challenge with an opportunity to create something special for someone. We start with a basic design palette, and to it, add freshness and originality… plus something unexpected or with a bit of whimsy. Unpredictability brings a space to life. We go the extra mile to consider every distinguishing element of a home – its architecture, location, exposure, form, and function.

A room comes to life with a special wall covering…a rug pattern…a color… and most often with the addition of an exquisite piece of furniture. I hope you enjoy browsing through some of these exceptional pieces.

I feel you'll appreciate the value of this exceptional customer service, even if we cost a little more. (You generaly get what you pay for)

Join me for special event with the opportunity to purchase special pieces at a discount on May
30th at DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas) in Dania Beach, Florida. Details are available on my website.

All the pieces here are available at the Decorative Crafts showroom.

For more, check out my "Old Meets Contemporary" Idea Book on Houzz.com in the Robin Lechner Designs file.

There's much more to see on my website. You're welcome to browse, post your comments and questions, and even make an appointment via email, Skype, or schedule an in home or office consultation. www.interiordecoratingsouthflorida.com 

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