Solstice, comes from the Latin for “sun stands still”, in astronomy. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year, signifying the beginning of summer.

When you think of summer, what thoughts come to mind? If you’re in a city, the hazy sun, steamy hot asphalt, and humid days cause all of your clothing to stick to you. If you’re fortunate to be by the ocean, the offshore breezes keep your clothing dry, a myriad of colorful flowers are in bloom adorned with a variety of vibrant butterflies; refreshing ocean waves tickle your toes, and dining outdoors by candle light under a full moon cooled adds a bit of romance. (Living in Florida helps)

Whether you’re living in landlocked suburbia, in a city high rise, or directly on the ocean, by following a few steps, you can transform your home into a comfortable and elegant beach front cabana, seaside resort, or exotic oceanfront manse using minimal materials.

Using simple reminders of the Summer Solstice there are examples to follow to create your own oceanfront paradise

Remove Clutter: Use those late afternoon thunder storms to clear out clutter. Remove the avalanche of throw pillows on your sofa (keep a few brights), box up the porcelain crowd that’s holding a rally on your coffee table, and replace them with a hurricane lamp and candle and a large seashell. Leave some empty space on wall shelving. Open space makes a room visually appear cooler.

Change Accessories: Summer’s representative color is yellow, the color of the sun. It is the color with a sunny disposition, and as a primary color, it’s compatible with any other color. Towels, pillows, throws, dinnerware, napkins, linens, beach umbrellas… pick what you please and select accent with blues, greens, floral prints, colorful stripes, neutrals, sisals, jute, baskets…

Camouflage the dividing line between indoors and out: Remove your window treatmentsthat you don’t absolutely need for privacy. For a party, push them aside completely or temporarily remove them. Use plants in vases, urns, or hanging baskets strategically placed to blur the distinction between inside and out.

Paint a wall or hang a mural: In a few hours, you can transform a room from drab to fab. Yellow, blue, green, aqua, pink, coral, are good color choices for a single wall. For accessories, bring in saturated bright colors and metallics in gold or bronze. Other options are temporary stick-ons or murals you can easily find on the internet.

I’m sure you have questions about some aspect of your home or office.

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