Interior Design Trends: "Wallscapes" - Designing With Shelves

There’s nothing more elegant, dramatic, and stylish than an extra wall or spare room with floor to ceiling shelving. The result can be disastrous, however, if the shelves are not fitted out properly. Books stacked side-by-side standing on shelf upon shelf creates a claustrophobic tone and overwhelms the space.

Create interest in the way you place books. Create groupings: stand several, stack others on their sides, varying the number of books. Add accessories using books to elevate some. Group some pieces together. Place small, interesting lamps on different shelves to create mood. Leave empty space as well. Stand back to check that the arrangement is balanced.

A wall of shelving is a good way of incorporating wall-mounted TVs and audio visual equipment. The unit pictured above also includes a fireplace and bar.

The most was made of a short 8' wall that includes a workspace as well as shelving, wall-mounted TV, and drawers.
Add some seating, a table, good lighting, and you have a comfortable space for reading, entertaining, or just relaxing.

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