How To Create A CLASSIC Interior Design Scheme

There’s a lot of media clammer about classics whether in fashion or design. What is a classic? A classic is something that is timeless. It can be a specific item or a look composed of several items. What makes a classic? You do! A classic doesn’t have to be a style or from a defined period.


Why would you want a classic look? If you want a relaxing and elegant atmosphere where you, your family, and guests enjoy spending time, then a classic look is for you.  

How do you create a classic interior design scheme? Select good quality pieces and don’t overdo. Simplicity, grace of line, form and scale that creates a sense of calm with perhaps a piece or two that creates excitement.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Spend the bulk of your budget on quality seating, and shop sales, antique stores, or enlist the help of an interior designer who’s willing to share some of her discount.

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