Do-It-Yourself Home Decorator Or Hire A Professional Interior Designer?

Whether you’re a professional Interior Designer performing services for another, or if you're giving it 'a go' on your own, keep your eye on details. There are a lot of helpful resources available on the internet. Whatever your approach, it is important to be extremely organized, detail oriented, have excellent business skills, and be willing to follow up again…again…and again. A typical day is spent researching ideas, making phone calls, keeping records, and filing paperwork.
Hiring a designer or doing it yourself does not have to be an all or nothing choice. Most professional Interior Decorators will work collaberatively, assisting homeowners in expressing their creative ideas in a focused and organized way. The professionals have experience, honed skills, and vast resources. There's a good chance they can save you money by avoiding common pitfalls.
These are the elements that need to be addressed for any project: Cost, Time Frame (time is money), furniture placement, traffic flow, room balance, furniture scale, selecting colors, fabric patterns and textures, lighting, art and accents, ordering, tracking, deliveries, installations. My recommendation is to team up with a Professional. Perhaps two heads are better than one afterall! 
The furniture arrangement in this living room takes advantage of 360 views

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