Timeless Decor - The Tuscan Home

Bring the timeless beauty of the Italian countryside into your home or apartment, and create a charming yet casually elegant decor with Tuscan design elements. The key to Tuscan design is using natural materials and colors found in the aptly named region in Italy. Earthtones are the signature colors - terracotta reds, pesto greens, cerulean sky blues grounded by an infinite range of neutrals. Achieve patterns and textures with materials like marble, travertine, or tiling for floors and kitchen backsplashes, granite for countertops, and wood for furniture and cabinetry. Conservative use of luxurious fabrics for upholstery and window treatments tied back with tassels or cords carry the country feel throughout your home. Find unique urns to transform into lamps. You don't have to live in an Italian Villa to 'live in Tuscany'. Room by room details can be found here.

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