We’re reading, hearing, and seeing so much about wearing white after Labor Day. If we can live year round in magnificent white rooms, we can certainly feel comfortable about wearing white clothing. Let’s take the nod from our interiors. After all, fashion is not far from interior design. Each takes a cue from the other.  
White rooms are generally not entirely white; they may have colored accessories, artwork, lighting, wood flooring, or upholstery with fibers woven with naturally colored textures, etc. As a designer, I recommend keeping a stash of inexpensive throws, pillows, accessories in colors and patterns to suit each season. (Yes, holiday themed items are fun for a short time).

Just like white interiors, white clothing looks great accessorized with color. So add accessories that tone down a totally white look e.g. a woven belt in saddle tan, black and white polka dot scarf, red shoes, white + color trimmed handbag, and jewelry in any color. For those of you a bit more tentative, shades of white may make you feel more comfortable. Think ‘winter white’!

                              Don’t talk to him about white after Labor Day!            

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