I recently posted a blog on "The New Dining Room – Haven of Mixed Use (9-16). 

We discussed the need for multifunctional space in our homes, specifically focusing on the dining room which is often wasted space. Few of us can afford to dedicate space for a single purpose, and one that is used infrequently at that! This post is for those of you fortunate enough to have a space devoted solely to dining. It’s an exhilarating opportunity to create a beautiful, exotic environment for the sole purpose of a wonderful experience of dining.


In my childhood, the most memorable moments were experienced around the dining table. It was the room where I tasted my first sip of wine; the first place I got to sit with the grownups (instead of the children’s table in the kitchen); and the first experience dining off fine china and drinking from beautiful crystal.

The dining room is a perfect venue for uniqueness, and originality. Since your dining room is generally not used on a daily basis, you are free to allow elegance and drama to express, and use decorative elements you wouldn’t dare use in any other room. I love dining rooms that are daring, bold, and striking, and are at the same time calming, and complement the presentation of the meal, and the table decor.

Dining rooms are generally used at night so drama can be enhanced by using darker colors, exotic wallpaper, and unusual lighting. The dining room is perfect for displaying and using antiques: a sideboard, chandelier, chairs, table, mirror, paintings, precious serving pieces, and accessories.

My idea of an opulent and glamorous dining room is a room with a paneled dado. Wallpaper in a soft Chinese motif of intertwining branches, blossoms, and birds is mounted above. The room’s paneling and moldings are painted a soft color selected from the wallpaper.
A sparkling chandelier picks up some of the colors of the wallpaper. The sideboard has either wall mounted sconces on either side, or buffet lamps on its surface. If the room’s ceilings are high enough, they are coffered. Ceiling treatment adds a tremendous amount of architectural elegance and interest. The floor is a dark stained wood with an antique area rug that extends just far enough so the movement of the chairs can’t get caught on the edges. Simple silk panels lined with a contrasting color add enough elegance to the windows. The table is a simple beautiful wood in a pedestal style (so no one gets stuck straddling a leg), and the chair seats and backs with graceful matching frames that coordinate with the table are upholstered in a soft patterned fabric with just enough texture.

The opportunities to create an extraordinary dining room are limitless! A mix of clean woods paired with chic, enduring fabrics, tailored, clean lines, and exotic touches, results in a room with timeless elegance, luxurious, yet beautifully livable.

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