In keeping with our focus on customer service and client collaboration, Robin Lechner Interior Designs is introducing Robin Lechner’s Personal Home Coaching. Everyone needs interior decorating help at one time or another. Think of me as your personal trainer for providing quality home design advice.

Personal coaching is simple: Ask a question via email accompanied by a photo illustrating your challenge. The fee is $35 payable via PayPal, credit card, check, or money order. Those of us who are computer challenged can achieve the same results by mail.


You’ll receive at least two resolutions to your questions, or your fee will be refunded*. I’ll always strive for the least expensive solution first. If cost is not an issue, please let me know.

The introduction of Robin Lechner’s Personal Home Coaching will start with some free examples. Since our success is built on collaboration, I welcome your suggestions to improve this service.

Personal Home Coaching – 10-7-11
Question: What can I do with a long hallway that is dark and cavernous?
Answer #1: The least expensive solution is to paint the far wall a light and/or bright color that would give the illusion of a shortened wall.
Answer #2: Add a console table and a mirror. The duo shortens the wall, making the proportions fit.

*Refunds are not available whether or not you like the ideas.

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