Serene and uncluttered
Homes in any price range look better on line when staged, and will attract buyer interest more than a home that hasn't been staged. A Realtor who does not insist on staging a listing is doing the homeowner an injustice. By avoiding staging, they're simply selling the competition's home that has been staged!
Clutter distracts from this updated kitchen
A concern of homeowners and Realtors are the fees and costs of staging. Generally, lower the listing price, the cheaper the total out of pocket expense. A homeowner often collects a higher return on investment than a comparable home that isn’t staged by obtaining a higher contract price. Also, staged homes spend less time on the market, resulting in savings on expenditures like mortgage payments, utilities, general maintenance, etc.

For details about staging , read Preparing Your Home For Sale posted on The Real Estate Concierge.

On the other hand, a newly constructed home
without staging looks sterile and uninviting
Questions about repairs or redecorating in preparation for putting a home on the market may be sent to Unpublished questions cannot be answered individually.

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