A former New Yorker, I loved the change of seasons, change of colors, change of wardrobe. Now in southeast Florida for just over 18 months, I miss all of the changes terribly.  I’m not saying that Florida is devoid of seasonal changes – just different ones. I find the freshly picked apple reds, golden pumpkin, and burnt umber browns stay up north while my southern interior design clients prefer more toned down colors, and lighter tints, not quite pastel but close.

Clients hire me because of my “daring freshness and originality” (maybe because I bring to them some of the styling and imagination from my 15 years of NY design experience). So often a client becomes adventurous, and chooses to go with something I’ve brought them that’s out of their comfort zone, but rarely deeply colored saturated walls and furnishings. 

Fear not, you can be confident using colorful fall palettes I’m suggesting will bring elegance and style to any room. Steel gray and mustard yellow are perhaps this season’s most popular duo. Use them together or separately. Instead of the deep shiny gold used up north, bring in the more subdued brass in fabrics, and accessories. Replace wine colors shades of plum. Stay inspired by nature. Use seaweed greens, deep sea blues, and neutrals the various colors of driftwood.

Experiment with different combinations that bring out your creativity.  The five links in this article will take you to different color palettes that reflect the season's colors to stimulate your imagination and motivate you to try something that you ordinarily wouldn’t.

Currently, I'm painting the walls of a client’s home office with a deep saturated blue that will look sensational in contrast to a lot or white: desk, 2” wood window blinds, trim, and floor to ceiling book shelves she selected. The paint will show through the open back of the shelves for a stunning effect.

Feel a little unsure? Send me your photos and ideas for a quick FREE critique. In return, Robin Lechner Designs reserves the right to publish your pictures and questions – names omitted of course.


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