Earth Day, April 23, 2013

I thought I’d write about earth tones, this being Earth Day. In interior design circles, colors like browns, beiges, tans, toast have gotten a bad rap. Sure, they don’t have sexy, catchy names; they have a reputation as being the go to colors when you don’t have the imagination to use anything else. But there’s something comforting about deep, semi-sweet chocolate browns and corresponding shades and tints that make it quite appealing if not downright new and contemporary.

The warm shades of the seed pod on the left range from nutmeg to light suede. It inspired the design elements of a client's guest bedroom that's currently under construction. The collage below illustrates the design elements: the exquisite wall covering is a dark chocolate background with stunning large scale ivory leaves in actual wood. The bedside tables are an inlaid chevron pattern, and the bed with rattan panels, wing chair and matching ottoman are all in variations of the color palette.

Browns are perceived as organic in nature, many of the materials are leather, suede, grass cloth, sisal, jute, and of course the infinite variety of woods.

They give an impression of sustainability and being ecofriendly, though obviously, that is not always the case.

This elegant formal dining room is a blend of brown hues accented with black. The metallic elements in a selection of fabrics give an updated look to the traditional design scheme.

Below to the right is a grouping around a fireplace. Sueded paint on the walls adds texture and warmth as do the color palette of warm browns (also with accents of black) and crackling fire, a perfect mix for cold northern winters.

One wall of the contemporary room below is painted a deep brown while the remaining walls are papered in shades of ivory.  

Brown will never become the "new black", but it offers a range of beautiful hues with infinite potential. 


Brown is no “plain Jane”. It has life, vitality, its own personality, multiple dimensions, and takes an educated hand to create a design scheme to get the right look. So when your Interior Designer suggests using brown, remember, there's no such thing as "just brown".


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