Blue is my favorite hue. Every mesmerizing tint or shade can be found in the ever-changing colors of the ocean, ranging from ice blue foam to its dark turquoise depths. Reflected from the water’s surface, I love looking straight up on a cloudless day to absorb that deep marine blue that extends to infinity.

And while it’s my favorite, I’m disheartened by the fact that I don’t have a touch of blue in my home. Maybe it's because I live in Florida and am surrounded by water!?! 

Fortunately, as an Interior Designer, I’ve had the opportunity to make amends through opportunities of designing rooms for clients who love and welcome blue into their homes.

The ice blue walls and turquoise vessel sink are integrated by the crystal mirror, making this small powder room sparkle like the sun reflecting off the ocean's foam.  

Sundays, I don my dark navy jeans with a lace camisole and slouchy sweater - a casual yet sophisticated look. Opening a kitchen to living space is also a blend of casual and sophistication. The kitchen has to maintain the same elegant and luxurious style as the living room. This kitchen succeeds beautifully with a shimmering glass backsplash and mica wallcovering on the island. 

There's nothing crisper than the combination of blue and white.

Even in a monochromatic room, an odd piece in a favorite color adds excitement and interest to an otherwise neutral setting. This teal chair is a functional work of art.

The graceful brushstrokes on my collection of Chinese porcelains that are sadly in storage, are my favorite accessory for homes incorporating dusk blue and white .

Below, a dusky blue works beautifully in a kitchen complemented by white trim, a look similar to Chinese porcelain. Paint the walls and the ceiling blue and add
Blue Pearl granite counter tops. Reflective stainless appliances expands the blue palette, creating a mellow atmosphere in which to prepare and enjoy relaxing meals. Great accent colors are cobalt blue or a deep violet.   

For some tropical sizzle, the blue + white chevron hide rug laid over sisal keeps the "sizzle" from getting too hot.

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