Brand VS Product

Marketing is more successful if you can build your business into a strong recognizable Brand rather than it being just one of similar Products. Distinguishable brands like Nike, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, BMW and Mercedes offer the consumer a “certain something” that other like products don’t. The key is finding that “certain something” that exists within your business, and communicating it to your target market.

Nike is more than a shoe, it promises performance.
BMW & Mercedes are not just cars, they imply status and luxury.
Johnson & Johnson are not just baby products, it promises care and nurturing.
L’Oreal implies superior results.

Brand VS Product - which are you? A Brand is unique, and can't be copied. A Product is just one of many. To be a Brand you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. But if you think offering "great customer service" makes you a Brand, think again. I would guess that 98% of businesses offer great customer service. You have to dig deeper; think more creatively.

A product is a thing; it can sit on a shelf and be copied, while a Brand is an intangible, making it even more difficult to put your finger on and establish brand identity. A Brand, once established, is recognizable, creates a relationship with customers, and lives in the mind. It can be imitated but not copied.

Like a Brand, a Product has features and benefits, but begins to lose ground dramatically when discerning value and crafting its personality. A Brand offers values unique to it, and elicits emotions. It has its own personality with features that may include reliability, leadership, innovation, luxury, superior, trust etc. Should a Product have any of these elements, they are not made identifiable to the consumer as with a Brand.

Branding resides in the core identity of what it stands for which includes perception of a promise to perform and conveys trust. It answers the question “how does ______ make me feel?”

Marketing involves more than promoting a product or service. A successful marketing plan looks to discover and develop Brand elements of the business, and brings that image with the relevant emotions and personality to the consumer.

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