I’ve interviewed many home owners about updating their homes who want a contemporary interior design scheme but find the furniture stark and uncomfortable, and the look cold, unfriendly…sometimes even bland. There is a way to create a contemporary look for your home without sacrificing comfort, making it warm and welcoming.

The issue primarily involves finding the right seating, adding a unique piece of furniture or whimsical accessory, and layer lighting into the contemporary mix.

Beginning with the living room, clients often find 
that sofas are too close to the ground, backs
are too low, seating too hard and/or deep, and loose pillow backs that are a pain to keep neatly in place. The solution is to purchase a sofa with simple, clean lines that have more agreeable dimensions. The most comfortable sofas have measurements that average: back height 31”-35” from the floor,  back height from the seat 27”-29”, arm height 25”-27”, overall depth around 35”, seat depth 21”-23”. Flat, block feet in wood or metal rather than bun shaped or tapered, have a contemporary look.

The cold and unfriendly feel observed by home owners could be a result of insufficient lighting. If you look carefully, many contemporary homes have overhead lighting but very few (if any) floor or table lamps. Recessed lighting, chandeliers, and pendants provide light from only one direction – from above. Overhead lighting is not flattering; it’s often harsh. Placing a few additional fixtures – lamps, sconces, decorative, and specialty lighting throughout a room creates mood and atmosphere, and enhances overall décor.

Finally, adding a special piece of furniture that 
is not contemporary makes the space unique. It
adds personality, and eliminates the potentially cookie cutter-look that strict use of any design style can have.  Depending upon your age and preference, add an antique or vintage fifties piece of furniture, area rug, or accessory. I always like to add a touch of whimsy or something unexpected in each room I design. And don’t forget to add a mirror for brightness and sparkle.

In the spirit of keeping this blog a short read, I’ll address other rooms in subsequent blogs. In the meantime, send your questions and photos to my email, or browse my website. I enjoy reading your comments, so please, don’t be shy. You can even make an appointment by selecting here.

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