Back To School (Already?)

I clearly remember the annual feelings of excitement (and dread) on going back to school.The excitement was the result of anticipated freshness of a new school year - new teachers, classmates, classroom/s, not to mention the effect of the rush of cool, clear, crisp Fall air. As an adult, I always tried to recreate that same excitement for my children; and now, as an Interior Designer, I encourage parents to do the same for their children regardless of their age.

Back to school! (Already?) Add to the excitement of going back to school for any studentwhether at home or in a dorm by brightening up their bedrooms with a POP of color. Cost effective ways of adding to the excitement are new linens, colorful window panels, a coat of paint or bright posters on the walls. 

Selecting a color palette is simple. Using the photo above as a guide, select a vivid, saturated hue from left column for the primary hue, and the right for accents. For a bigger pop, use two colors from the left. Want a softer look? Select colors from the right column. 
Rule of thumb? There is none! Mix and match... anything goes!

Other useful items with a colorful zip are lamps, chairs, pillows, and storage ottomans.

For more colorful hints and tips, browse through my other blog posts, and read the page on color on this site.

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