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listing the DIY of Interior Design
I can’t count the number of TV programs that provide home interior design help that solve an entire room’s issues in 30 minutes, giving the impression that home decorating is a snap! Reconstruction, painting, furniture selection and delivery, wall treatments, wiring and lighting all appear seamless and successful. Hold Up! Remember the magic of television. It’s not as easy as you think! What you don’t see are the hours of tape left on the cutting room floor – the mistakes, delays, incorrect orders, and problems discovered only when the walls are opened.  

There are eight phases of a design project. We only see a small portion on TV. You not only have to be a designer, but an accountant, trade coordinator, banker, and project manager. Asking for help is the best thing you can do for yourself. Professionals understand home decorating is a team effort, and rely not only on their own talent and experiences, but on the skill and advice of their resources.

This blog is not meant to frighten you away from taking on a project. Its intent is to prepare you to address all aspects of a redesign project, and suggest that you create your own team of professionals.

1. Scope: the Design, the Budget, the Time Frame. You must plan even though the schedule  will change.                                                

2. Functional Design: Floor Plan, Elevations, Furniture Placement, and Traffic Flow
Contractor  (Woodworker, Construction, Electrician, Plumber...as needed)

3. Technical Design: Line, Balance, Scale, and Proportion. Who is looking over your shoulder to make certain all your selections work together?                             

4. Aesthetic Design: Colors, Patterns, Textures, Light Control. Do your plans for the room accomplish what you intended?                          

5. Selection: Material, Fabric, Furniture, Art, Rugs, and Accents. What works together and what doesn’t? Ask suppliers if you can bring items on site to test them out.                       

6. Ordering & Tracking: When is delivery promised? When is the actual delivery? Do you need to rent storage space?                            

7. Delivery Coordination:  You don’t want your floor installed, sanded, and finished the same day of deliveries.           

8. Installation Coordination: painters, window treatment installers, floor installation, etc. All of your trades appearing on the same day will create havoc. Make certain you have a cohesive plan.

I want to be part of your team. I’m happy and excited to assist you with any aspect of any project, and can recommend trades people when and where you need them. 

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